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Is Cold Water Bad For Your Hair,

Why Hot Water Bad for Your Hair?

There are many hair care advice recommends that you do not wash it with hot water. But what exactly is the impact of hot water for hair? See explanation more as reported by Boldsky (29/11) below.   Hot water causes hair loss. Because hot water opens the pores of the scalp and hair roots eventually relaxes. When dried, the hair […]

How To Treat Hair Loss After Childbirth,

Caring for Hair After Childbirth

After the birth of the baby, the condition of your hair will undergo drastic changes due to the instability of the hormone. Hair has suddenly become very oily, loss, and not shiny. This unusual course, which is important you be patient.   Caring for Hair After Childbirth You can change the hairstyle to change the appearance, refreshing, and a huge […]

Justin Bieber Hairstyle Called

How To Make Hair Style Model Justin Bieber

If you want to achieve the look like Justin, you must ensure that having long straight hair. If your hair wavy or curly, you may need to spend to rectify its past, which may cost around 10 dollars. After that, you paint with brown hair like Justin Bieber.   How To Make Hair Style Model Justin Bieber Combing Hair How […]

Essential Oils For Natural Hair

Essential Oils for Hair

The essential oil is a combination of cold olive oil and rosemary oil. That must be considered, do not use rosemary oil during pregnancy because these oils have unfavorable influence on the content.   ¬†Essential Oils for Hair

Prom Dresses Hair Styles

2014 Prom Hairstyles With Elegant Hair Stylist

The Prom is a very important opportunity for any young woman, and she will always want to look her best and also the styles she chooses to his best and most flattering. A popular choice among young women of style to wear to the prom is the up-styles. There are lots of Prom up-styles to choose from, so if you’re […]