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Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair

Natural Recipe for Thick Hairstyles

Every day our hair should stand up to sun, pollutants, and toxins. Not infrequently we crown also become dry and broken due to the chemicals of hair care products, especially hair coloring products. Not to mention the use of hair dryer and catokan tool that too often make the hair also become more vulnerable to damage. Natural Recipe for Thick […]

Halle Berry Long Curly Hairstyles

2014 Halle Berry Curly Hairstyles Model

Solid curly hair like Halle Berry is very easy to trimming using only the fingers alone. This type of hair like a bunch of solid and beautiful spiral even though a week shampooing, hair is not visibly soiled.   2014 Halle Berry Curly Hairstyles Model Use a serum that contains silicone to keep hair shiny. Avoid rubbing the scalp with […]

Hair Caring Tips For Men

Hair Caring Tree Tips

Many women crave long black shiny hair, but to get it is not easy because the treatment is quite complicated. What is needed to get healthy hair, long beautiful shiny?   Hair Caring Tree Tips Most of those who complained long hair, one hair problem that is cracked or branched. And the problem was eventually forced the owner to cut […]

Waxing Direction Of Hair Growth

The Direction of Hair growth

Determine the direction of hair growth in hair fall. Hair grows through a cycle that includes three kinds of growth:   The Direction of Hair growth 1. Anagen period: the hair grows because of increased number of cells in mitosis of hair bulb of approximately the length of a thousand days 2. Katagen period: membranes and connective tissue around the […]

Cool Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

Amazing Short Bangs Hairstyles 2014

Or just looking for a new look, or getting styled for a great little feature, getting a short haircut with bangs is just the look you’ve been waiting for. Here are a few ideas to make sure the style you want, the one receiving it.   Amazing Short Bangs Hairstyles 2014 First it is important to remember when making a […]